Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Costa Rica

This is Garretts expression after taking a 3 hour tour :) to the border of Nicaragua to surf at "Olly's" point, (discovered when Oliver North was trading weapons with the nicaraguans).  Any way, this was a dream come true for him...I love his happy smile.
Garrett indulged me as well, with horseback riding and...a visit to the Nosara institute of yoga.  He even pretended to like it:)  What do you think of his beautiful balance:)
Hands down most romantic ride ever.  If only the ranch had a beach!
This shell literally washed up to my feet, I just sat in wonder staring at it for hours and then realized that the shell was me, fragile and delicate after the last few years of being tossed about in the roaring waves...but still intact, thanks to my best friend and companion...and my father in Heavan.
Have you ever tried to kiss on two seprate that takes talent:)
This is was our little green love shack:)