Saturday, October 16, 2010

Corn Belly's

We went to Corn Belly's yesterday.
Mr. Henry turned into a monster.
I tried to talk him out of it, but
he insisted.
Terrible roar,
that one.
Whitney and Gracie.
He was fueled by Monster Juice.
sugar+red dye=monster.
Malia bought him the monster juice with her own money.
I was so proud of her kindness.
Even though it fueled my little monster.
I knew we shouldn't have drank that potion.
Though it was nice to shrink my kids for a minute.
I wish I could keep them young forever.
Even when they're Monsters.
Papa asked me if he could buy River a few "shots."
I was nervous,
but not really,
This was the Target.
Can pumpkins really cause that kind of damage?
I'm gonna have to buy me one of those guns.
It was a lovely day indeed.
I love long weekends.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Another late night for you my dear.
I found this picture today,
and it reminded me,
how perfect we are for each other.

I... in my crazy, up and downs,
you in your steady Eddy's.
Me and my book loving, music pumping, talks around the block,
you and your adrenal rush loving sense of adventure.

My diet coke ,
your red water jug.
My twisted sheets,
your nicely tucked in corners.
My carbs,
your vegetables.
My garden,
your garage.

My heart,
your brain.

How perfectly such differences
I wouldn't have it any other way.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


We went to the Ropes Coarse today.  Kids have been a bit snarky with each other,
so we figured if we tied them up with ropes,
we could manage them better.
Lucky for them, the cousins came.
I will let the pictures finish the story.

 I accidentally pushed "select all".
So I can't organize them the way I wanted.
~oh well~

I love this picture of Chad and Chance.
Malia was so brave.
They all were, though I have to say,
Savannah is simply fearless.
Kim and kammy.
Riley and Kim.
The only time he has almost EVER smiled in a picture!
Must take a good looking lady:)
So Happy.

 It took a bit of coaxing.
But we finally talked him into it:)

 Isn't the blur effect lovely?
 Kim and I.
~Oh Happy day~

Friday, October 8, 2010


I was complaining about budget.
I read a story in the Daily Herald
a caned food drive for kids in elementary and Junior high school
that don't eat on the weekends.
From now on, they get to fill up their back pack on friday afternoon
so they can eat while their parents party.
I cried.

I complained that I couldn't get my kids out of bed.
I read about a mother who lost her 13 year old daughter.
She was hit by a car. 
The driver was also 13.
I thought of her this morning as I woke up my 13 year old.
I paused, to thank my Father in Heaven for my sleepy boy.
I complained that I was up to my elbows in poop.
Then Henry came running to me with his potty.
He pooped!

I am so grateful for that poop.

Monday, October 4, 2010

A very Happy Rainy day

I took Dad to Sundance for his birthday today.
It rained the most beautiful rain you have ever seen.

The waiter kindly set us next to this warm fire.
It made Dad blush a million shades of fall,
So I made sure to call him "Dad" a few dozen times.
 The meal was wonderful.
I love Sundance.
Mr. Redford would make a mighty fine catch,
but he is even older than my dad,
So I best stick with Garrett.
 I am taking a class on the power of Choice
with the Outlook institute.
We are asked to set a 90 day goal,
with the idea that each week through a series of momentums,
we will grow closer to our goal.
This week our momentum is to tell five people our goal.
So I told dad that I am going to finish my novel. 
 We walked along this beautiful trail and discussed the plot.
Dad told me Vietnam stories.
 I will never forget him walking along this road
with his arms moving this way and that,
as he dreamed my dream.
I love how he does that.
I told him the name of my novel:
~Bluebird on a Black night~
and when we went into the lodge for cookies,
he bought me a bluebird candle.
I promised him I wouldn't burn it.

And I told myself that if I ever get rich and famous,
I am going to build him that cabin he has been dreaming about.
A little place of his own, to write his own stories.
Because he deserves it.
And Because I love his stories.

I hope mom can give him a nudge today,
a great big nudge.
I love you pops.

Happy Birthday Mr. Fudge Fairy

It's Dad's Birthday.
I made him Alfredo and buttermilk pie last night.
We sat around the table and talked about conference, history,
and how manners are being lost on this generation.
(as Henry sat underneath the table and tickled our feet)

Dad says that real manners are about making the people around
you feel comfortable.
I would have to agree.  
(Though I should work on the concept of table servings with Malia)
Note: FIVE pieces of grandpas fudge on her plate.

Dad said all he wanted for his birthday was to start a
new tradition:
Fun fudge friday.
(say that 10 times)
This is where we get together and make uber yummy fudge
and eat it until we can't button our pants.

You are a wonder to me.
You have transformed your grief into service, and
traded in your dark nights to comfort me in mine.
You can see right through my game face
and refuse to let me go silent.
You teach me to be a student of life,
to wonder and marvel at the smallest of miracles.
You make me laugh daily.
You inspire me with your stories.
Oh how I love your stories.
I am me because of you.
I would go on...
but you hate lengthy compliments,
so know this:

You are the filling to my Oreo:)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Quote's to make you smile

Today Henry bonked his nose something awful.
I would show you a picture but it seems my camera has run off again.
I was naturally horrified to see him in such a state,
so I kept saying, "oh no, I hope you didn't brake it."

His reply: "Dats okay mom, just go buy me a new one."

Later when I caught him peeing on my kitchen floor, he said:
"Sorry mom, my winky is broken:)"