Friday, October 8, 2010


I was complaining about budget.
I read a story in the Daily Herald
a caned food drive for kids in elementary and Junior high school
that don't eat on the weekends.
From now on, they get to fill up their back pack on friday afternoon
so they can eat while their parents party.
I cried.

I complained that I couldn't get my kids out of bed.
I read about a mother who lost her 13 year old daughter.
She was hit by a car. 
The driver was also 13.
I thought of her this morning as I woke up my 13 year old.
I paused, to thank my Father in Heaven for my sleepy boy.
I complained that I was up to my elbows in poop.
Then Henry came running to me with his potty.
He pooped!

I am so grateful for that poop.


  1. i know we often forget how blessed we are. sitting in a home, on a sofa, sleeping on a soft bed with clean sheets and eating every meal in our case while watching our flat screen t.v. i pray for children who do not get to eat on the weekends!
    happy henry pooped in the potty!!

  2. I agree with Aunty Kelly. I know I take for granted so much, but when I hear about little babies who get sick with something serious and I look at my Wes, I realize how lucky I am. Or when I am complaining about living with my parents, I'm still lucky that we have a roof over our heads and we are not struggling to pay for food or rent. Sigh. On a happy note, yay for potty training!!