Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. Fudge Fairy

It's Dad's Birthday.
I made him Alfredo and buttermilk pie last night.
We sat around the table and talked about conference, history,
and how manners are being lost on this generation.
(as Henry sat underneath the table and tickled our feet)

Dad says that real manners are about making the people around
you feel comfortable.
I would have to agree.  
(Though I should work on the concept of table servings with Malia)
Note: FIVE pieces of grandpas fudge on her plate.

Dad said all he wanted for his birthday was to start a
new tradition:
Fun fudge friday.
(say that 10 times)
This is where we get together and make uber yummy fudge
and eat it until we can't button our pants.

You are a wonder to me.
You have transformed your grief into service, and
traded in your dark nights to comfort me in mine.
You can see right through my game face
and refuse to let me go silent.
You teach me to be a student of life,
to wonder and marvel at the smallest of miracles.
You make me laugh daily.
You inspire me with your stories.
Oh how I love your stories.
I am me because of you.
I would go on...
but you hate lengthy compliments,
so know this:

You are the filling to my Oreo:)

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  1. it is really amazing how you 2 have been there for each other! happy birthday to him!!