Saturday, October 16, 2010

Corn Belly's

We went to Corn Belly's yesterday.
Mr. Henry turned into a monster.
I tried to talk him out of it, but
he insisted.
Terrible roar,
that one.
Whitney and Gracie.
He was fueled by Monster Juice.
sugar+red dye=monster.
Malia bought him the monster juice with her own money.
I was so proud of her kindness.
Even though it fueled my little monster.
I knew we shouldn't have drank that potion.
Though it was nice to shrink my kids for a minute.
I wish I could keep them young forever.
Even when they're Monsters.
Papa asked me if he could buy River a few "shots."
I was nervous,
but not really,
This was the Target.
Can pumpkins really cause that kind of damage?
I'm gonna have to buy me one of those guns.
It was a lovely day indeed.
I love long weekends.


  1. How fun is that?? Where is cornbelly's?? Looks like an awesome place to hang out this time of year! Love the pictures. And, I need to know how you turned this weekend into a long one? I want to magically do that to every weekend :). Love ya - and please do share that white rose story with Kelly. I hope she loves it~

  2. love fall activities!! you all look so happy!!

  3. p.s. i did not get the package yet, hopefully it will be here soon! i will let you know when we get it.