Monday, October 11, 2010


Another late night for you my dear.
I found this picture today,
and it reminded me,
how perfect we are for each other.

I... in my crazy, up and downs,
you in your steady Eddy's.
Me and my book loving, music pumping, talks around the block,
you and your adrenal rush loving sense of adventure.

My diet coke ,
your red water jug.
My twisted sheets,
your nicely tucked in corners.
My carbs,
your vegetables.
My garden,
your garage.

My heart,
your brain.

How perfectly such differences
I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. sounds a lot like me and matt! it works well together!
    shouldn't you be in bed?:)

  2. You two make an absolutely fantastic couple!! I love the way you write! I love how Heavenly Father pairs us up with great men who balance out everything! We are so lucky to have both you and Garrett in our family!! How are you anyway?? I can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving and actually get to talk face to face! (are you coming for the big breakfast feast??) Miss you so much. Have a blessed weekend!!