Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I have been asked a lot about my
New Years Resolutions.
I want to stew about them for a while.

But one thing I know for sure
they will be simple.
Simple like this photo.
I am done with beating myself up for unmet expectations.

I want to emerge myself in joy.
Feel every leaf in the wind
and wave in the sea,
and stop waiting for tomorrow.

I guess that is the good thing about what I have been through
Everything is precious when you have had a tube
stuck up your nose and strangers wiping your drool.

This year I choose life.
In between my toes,
in every breath,
every step
and every dirty dish.

yup. even the dishes are precious to me now.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New years toast.

How is this for a new years toast.
yup. Fried corn dogs.
Just in case you didn't get that in black in white
How about some color to highlight
our heart attack on a stick.
Apparently if you want something nourishing
to start your new years,
You have to be there before 11:30.
But I must say this old body of mine
knew just what to do with that piggy stick....
and that is truly something to celebrate.
So is entering my new year with my
 Ohana from Hawaii.
We spent the day snow sledding 
Our landlocked mermaids did pretty good...
though they are ready for some sun and surf after almost
three weeks of not so "sick" weather.

We love you guys.
Surf a wave for us:)

Mozo Memories

Monday, January 2, 2012

More memories

Just pictures.
Christmas morning.
First gift:
(Hawaiin for pearl).
My black pearl sister suggested the name,
because her eyes looked like black pearls.
It stuck.
Next: the manger season with who else but Momi for baby Jesus
And Christmas Eve p.j.'s
Dad stayed with us and we were supposed to have pine nuts and Jerky
a Henry tradition.
But I sort of forgot.
Then the unwrapping begins...
Lighting Mqeen and Mator everything...

The best gift for me.
~And my family and friends to share it with~

Christmas season.

Simply the happiest days of my life.
First the tree for papa's house.

He says he is an old Grumachun.
We don't agree:)

Next the decorations, thanks to Savannah, Malia, Henry....and Mr. crafty pants himself...

Then the gingerbread men.  My kitchen is still recovering.
The kids put their hearts and souls
into making sure grandpa had the perfect with just the right amount of sweet and savy.

I think granny put us up to it, and it felt good to give to someone simply as worthy as our dear papa.

He was taken back and received it with loving us right back.  Stories and loves.  We love you papa.