Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I have been asked a lot about my
New Years Resolutions.
I want to stew about them for a while.

But one thing I know for sure
they will be simple.
Simple like this photo.
I am done with beating myself up for unmet expectations.

I want to emerge myself in joy.
Feel every leaf in the wind
and wave in the sea,
and stop waiting for tomorrow.

I guess that is the good thing about what I have been through
Everything is precious when you have had a tube
stuck up your nose and strangers wiping your drool.

This year I choose life.
In between my toes,
in every breath,
every step
and every dirty dish.

yup. even the dishes are precious to me now.


  1. Ha ha! Sorry, I'm just giggling about the Tina Fey comment you left on my blog. :) It just shows how much time I waste with movies/television. Tina Fey was on Saturday Night Life, She's on the show 30 Rock, and she was hilarious in the movie Baby Momma. :)

  2. And I love your waiting to set goals/resolutions. These things take time! xo

  3. Aunty Holly, I love all these posts and pictures with the Mozo's and your New Year's resolutions. Simplicity is beautiful and wonderful and exactly how we should be living our lives:-) I love you so much and I am so glad that I got to see you and I finally know where you live. You are one of my most favorite Aunties and I just love you so much;-)

  4. awesome!! theres a blog called homebased mom. every year she just chooses a word. last year it was joy, this year it is grateful. i think it's a great way to sum up what you want to acheive without feeling like you failed your goals.
    anything you acheive this year is icing on the cake!!