Monday, January 31, 2011


If Joy could be captured with a camera...

Or frozen with a smile...

Or tasted in a cheesy chip...

Or sipped in a cherry soda...

Or played in a game...

Then I think I've got it:)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Foul Ball

Good Weekend.
If you like basketball that is...
(three games)
Which I don't...
But now I do, because Savannah
Garrett & I to coach this year:)

I didn't exactly grow up in a Sports family.
While my friend's parents were shuffling them from
sport to sport...court to court...

My mom was teaching me the joy of watching clouds,
pruning roses, clipping Ivy, the consistency of good bread,
heart talking, slow-walking with God...and staying connected
to his guidance...

And I love her for it.
But, non the less, I am lost on the super sport mom training.

So come the first game, I was a tid bit anxious with all of the
super sports moms cheering and jeering behind me.
Foul! Hold it!Move it! Drive it! Foul! Set up! Go!!!!!!

me: Huh?  Oh ya..."Foul!  Hold it! Drive it!........
(as I am wondering which side of the court the ball goes in:)

I decided to shift my focus on the joy of it all,
that's what mom would do.
The giggles, smiles, untied shoelaces, red faces and high fives.

And after a bit of that...I had myself a good time.
I'll just have to leave the technical stuff to the Mr.

River is playing ward ball.  He is only doing this to earn more computer time, 
but I love him for it.  I so love that he is moving again.  Healthy and strong.
He was a bit frustrated after his first game, being with his cruel summer he is a bit
out of shape and out of practice.  But Garrett told him he didn't have to be Logan, 
an insanely great player on the team, he just had to be "the tree", 
ie: stand below the basket and toss the ball to everyone else.  Man that kid has grown.
Tallest on his team:)

So go out there...wherever you are and be the TREE!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Its been a crummy dumb day.
Have you ever read Punchinello?
You know...the dots vs. stars book?
I so get that you can't let them stick.
I really do.
I think.

But when it comes to those that need you.
Really really need you.
And you just don't have what it takes.
Then what.
I don't want their dots or stickers,
just their smiles,
But Slumzy came knocking at my door again.
And then the blue-zy blues.
Not because I am sad, or ungrateful.
Because I am just not enough.
This body of mine, just isn't what it used to be.

I used to dream of traveling the world,
interviewing great minds and hearts alike,
Now, I dream that I will have the energy
to coach Savannah's basketball team,
And take River to swimming,
and Malia to gymnastics,
and make a beautiful, balanced meal,
that my family can eat in a clean and organized home.

But River is swimming,
and six months ago, I thought I would never
see him active again.
I held him, and reassured him, and drove him to 
a billion doctors...
and made him go to school, when I wanted to shelter him,
and made him run on the treadmill when he was exhausted,
and helped him with his homework when he was discouraged.

Ya.  That's my star for the day and I am going to let it stick.
Time heals.  Time teaches.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years

Happy New Year 2011
A very happy New Years...
It was indeed.

Dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory, with lots of Mombo Gelato...
First Knight Festival at the Provo Town Center,  Face painting, hair twisting, mask fun fun.

Dancing to the old bands,  the funky hip hop, and the
ultra Ethnic Indian circle.  Potty stops, tired yawns, below
eight degrees, icy, freezing roads.
Miracle awaiting us at home.

I wish I could do my hair like this every day:)

Our Joyful, energetic, embrace of the new year to come,
Was quickly humbled, when we came home six hours later,
to a home full of smoke, and noisy alarms,
and a gas stove that had been left on,
within the moment I first saw the smoke,
and walked to the stove,
a napkin lit on fire.

And we were safe,
besides the choking, daunting smoke,
everything was fine.

We all slept in our room...
actually most of us in the same bed,
a bit traumatized, a bit relieved,
and a million times more grateful,
for our home and all the memories it holds.

Thank you dear Heavenly Father for this miracle,
We will give thanks and praise,
by serving and loving and giving
to all of those who must wait for their miracle.
All our days.
All our days.

God Bless you all.