Monday, January 10, 2011

Foul Ball

Good Weekend.
If you like basketball that is...
(three games)
Which I don't...
But now I do, because Savannah
Garrett & I to coach this year:)

I didn't exactly grow up in a Sports family.
While my friend's parents were shuffling them from
sport to sport...court to court...

My mom was teaching me the joy of watching clouds,
pruning roses, clipping Ivy, the consistency of good bread,
heart talking, slow-walking with God...and staying connected
to his guidance...

And I love her for it.
But, non the less, I am lost on the super sport mom training.

So come the first game, I was a tid bit anxious with all of the
super sports moms cheering and jeering behind me.
Foul! Hold it!Move it! Drive it! Foul! Set up! Go!!!!!!

me: Huh?  Oh ya..."Foul!  Hold it! Drive it!........
(as I am wondering which side of the court the ball goes in:)

I decided to shift my focus on the joy of it all,
that's what mom would do.
The giggles, smiles, untied shoelaces, red faces and high fives.

And after a bit of that...I had myself a good time.
I'll just have to leave the technical stuff to the Mr.

River is playing ward ball.  He is only doing this to earn more computer time, 
but I love him for it.  I so love that he is moving again.  Healthy and strong.
He was a bit frustrated after his first game, being with his cruel summer he is a bit
out of shape and out of practice.  But Garrett told him he didn't have to be Logan, 
an insanely great player on the team, he just had to be "the tree", 
ie: stand below the basket and toss the ball to everyone else.  Man that kid has grown.
Tallest on his team:)

So go out there...wherever you are and be the TREE!


  1. i loved every bit of that! you are so what your mom taught you and i love that about you! i didn't grow up doing sports either but ki was really good at basket ball and i could watch her forever, mama pride! could care less about the basketball. you are a great mom for giving it a go and if you ever want tips carrie chong is the sports mom of all time!!
    i loved the movie and the songs, so hot!

  2. it's funny how our family isn't super sportsy {minus some of the allen henrie boys} i don't know much about sports either.

  3. As I read the part where you talked about your Mother, I so could feel her and the love that she always portrayed toward all. I think of your home always smelling so wonderful and clean that your Mother raised you in. And as far as basketball goes it's just a game. And "Logan" he's Dan's boy and if you EVER got to watch Dan play or play with him back when we were growing up all I have to say is watch out it's all in the genes. Yes, tell him to be the tree and block all the others out because without those trees the stars can't make themselves shine!
    Loved this post!!!