Monday, October 4, 2010

A very Happy Rainy day

I took Dad to Sundance for his birthday today.
It rained the most beautiful rain you have ever seen.

The waiter kindly set us next to this warm fire.
It made Dad blush a million shades of fall,
So I made sure to call him "Dad" a few dozen times.
 The meal was wonderful.
I love Sundance.
Mr. Redford would make a mighty fine catch,
but he is even older than my dad,
So I best stick with Garrett.
 I am taking a class on the power of Choice
with the Outlook institute.
We are asked to set a 90 day goal,
with the idea that each week through a series of momentums,
we will grow closer to our goal.
This week our momentum is to tell five people our goal.
So I told dad that I am going to finish my novel. 
 We walked along this beautiful trail and discussed the plot.
Dad told me Vietnam stories.
 I will never forget him walking along this road
with his arms moving this way and that,
as he dreamed my dream.
I love how he does that.
I told him the name of my novel:
~Bluebird on a Black night~
and when we went into the lodge for cookies,
he bought me a bluebird candle.
I promised him I wouldn't burn it.

And I told myself that if I ever get rich and famous,
I am going to build him that cabin he has been dreaming about.
A little place of his own, to write his own stories.
Because he deserves it.
And Because I love his stories.

I hope mom can give him a nudge today,
a great big nudge.
I love you pops.


  1. so you know how to be constructive with time, what's up with me??! i can't wait til you finish your novel!
    so happy you had a cozy, rainy day with your dad at sundance and that you made it clear you were with your DAD!

  2. yes! i can't wait to read your novel! i've loved your since your christmas letters in hawaii!

    what a great birthday celebration! i love the fire bit!

  3. Sister Smith, your stories still make me cry. You were one of my favorite teachers in Young Womens because your stories were just soo......full :) I still remember the story you told us in Young Women's about how you were having a bad day and River told you, that you were the best toilet cleaner in the world and it made you smile :)

  4. lol @ lanea, that's so cute!

    holly, i love that you have such a close relationship with your sweet ;)