Monday, November 1, 2010

If a single word could do it.

Summing it up.
last few weeks have been,
undocumented, uncharted, but not unnoticed.

I've had happy moments...
Ranch. Boy's cooking up mutton.Sunset taking my breath away.
Weekend with cousins. 
Cold picnic at the lake. 
Pumpkin guts, Purple hair spray, candy.
Lots of candy.

I've had scary moments...
sick. sick. sick.
puke. puke. puke.
Laying in bed wondering why me why now?
Just when I was getting my groove back.
Feeling that familiar fear again.
Come on Body, don't fail me now.

I've had learning moments...
Accepting what is.
Making peace with my pride.
(Asking for help is not something I like to do.)
Taking comfort in a good book.
"Standing for Something"
by President Gordon B. Hinkly.

I've had loving moments...
Recording the tender mercies God sends me each day,
reminds me of his love.
His love is enough for me when I don't like my own company.
When I am letting every one down, because I can't get my head
out of the toilet, he reminds me to be kind to myself.
He reminds me that my illness is but a small moment.

I've had more happy moments.
Watching Henry bounce in his tigger suit. Painting faces.
Nosey kisses. Giggly smiles. stinky feet tickles.
Snuggling in my big bed with warm bodies,
that God helped me to create.

I guess this body isn't so bad after all.


  1. Thank your for your kind comment today. I'm a major funk with myself these days. Moving and readjusting and this weather is not doing great on my spirits. When I should be reaching out, and I tend to find myself pulling back. I need to get back to the foundation and re-build. {wow.. writing is therapeutic right?}

    I just hope you know how much I adore your writing, and your good and the bad life experiences. Love you!

  2. hope your feeling better!! love to hear your thoughts, good and bad. love you.