Monday, November 8, 2010

My wish for you~

It was my princess piggy's birthday this weekend.
eleven years old!!!
Stop this growing I say!
This is her circle of friends.
Most of them have been BFF's since they were 4 years old,
I love them like my own~
We went to the Ropes coarse for her Birthday.
You really should check this place out...
It has become a family favorite~
These girls are rock solid, stoic, and strong willed.
Beautiful, tender hearted and loyal~
They play softball, basketball and volleyball together...
giggle about boys, skateboard and tease each other.
My wish for you beautiful beautiful girls...
I hope you are always there to pull each other through...
I hope you lift each other to new heights...
I hope you hold each other's hearts, challenge each others minds,
and stretch each other's souls.
I hope you stay close...
forever and ever....


  1. I hope they stay friends through high school and beyond. I have a group of girl friends "the five" that have hung out from sixth grade to present.We lost one right after high school, and even nearly ten years after the void is still clearly there {i'm sure it'll always be there.}

    Happy Birthday sweet girl! She's totally a mix of both of you!

  2. happy birthday nana!! that is so special that she has a good group of friends and that looks like a really fun party!!

  3. 11?! Oh my, she is so big and so beautiful...just like her mama. Looks like so much fun. I love you Holly!

  4. Happy Birthday Savannah!! It was so fun to have you and your family here! You are an amazing play director and coordinator and such a beautiful cousin and friend to Tori and Tess. You have a kind and thoughtful spirit that radiates from you! Hope your birthday was all you ever wanted it to be. That rope course looks like so much fun! See you at Thanksgiving - Love, Aunt Beckie