Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My window

I turned my big red chair around to face the window.
That was the biggest accomplishment of my day, turning my chair that is.
Then I sat in my chair, knees to my chest and looked out at the world,
the world from my window's view.

There was Lucy lu...my neighbor's cute little blonde riding her big wheel,
and Mr. Henry in his sponge bob p.j shirt trying to keep up with her.
My naked moses bush, (burning bush), loosing the last of it's color.
It's wet leaves on the ground, the only memory of the beauty it once held.
I sort of relate.

Minivans were coming here and going there, shuffling this way and that.
All around me was life.  Beautiful life.
Then I ran to the toilet.  For the bazillionth time in 6 days.

I made a mental note to come up with at least three blessings,
my puking, plugging, plunging body was trying teaching me in this mucky yuck sick.
Here goes.

1. Patience
The healing will come my friend.
2. Faith
When the healing does not come in your timing, trust in his.
3. Gratitude
For the home I have to heal in and the knowledge I have that the healing will come.
One more thing...
"Faith in a divine being, in the almighty, is the great moving power that can change our lives.
With it comes the only lasting comfort and peace of mind.  We simply can not do as much alone as we can when we team our effort with the divine.  Passive acceptance or acknowledgment of God is not enough. " 
Vibrant testimony comes of anxious seeking.
Gorden B. Hinkley


  1. what is wrong holly? the flu? or something more? rest and recoop!

  2. The longest flu of my life:) I hope anyway...could be a flare up in my intestines...but I'm not letting myself go there:(

  3. I love reading your thoughts, Holly. Hang in there!