Friday, May 4, 2012

Today was a keep the change kind of day.
Life just felt so abundant, mostly because I was with Garrett.  He took the day off and the two of scally wagged our way from here to there doing this and that.  We started with a trip to the temple.  I have forgotten the peace it provides.  It felt a bit like a water fall filling in the cracks of my soul.  It reminded me of all the miracles in my life and the love God has for me...little old me.

But mostly I was grateful that Garrett hadn't thrown me away:)  God bless him for all his galvanizing attempts at fixing me....even still after eighteen years.  

We listened to Josh Groban's song..."don't give up."  It made my heart hurt for all the hurts out there, and grateful that we never gave up when the going was rough...grateful that we were still both here in this mortal realm together.  

God Bless the lonely.  Don't give up.

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