Monday, June 8, 2009

I just wanted to share something near to my heart.  When Garrett & I were in Hawaii, just after our Malia was born, we went to Manoa falls.  Manoa falls is  nestled in the jungle above Manoa.

  It is one of the most beautiful falls I have seen.  Any way, we were all standing in the pool underneath the falls, and I saw a white bird swoop down, I am not sure how I can explain such a moment, but it was the purest joy I have ever felt.  Just me and my beautiful family wrapped inside of Gods beauty.

Anyway, months later I had to run to the flea market and I stumbled upon a small post card like painting, It brought me back to that beautiful moment at Manoa falls.  I have spent some time trying to find the original artist but could not.  So I asked my friend Shannon to paint it for me.  Because of the size, it took her over a year.  It was truly a work of love,  and I thank Shannon and the original artist wherever you are for creating a place in my home, where I can always hold that moment precious. 


  1. holly, i am so happy to see you posting again, i thought that you would be a big blogger for as much as you like to write but i know it takes time and you have a busy little famliy. i can't wait to hang out soon.
    that painting is really crazy, it is huge, do you love it? is it the same painting as the original you saw? you are so symbolic!

  2. We started a RS blog and we want you to join!