Monday, March 15, 2010

Note To Self~

Dear Holly

From this day forward you will write. Not for the sake of writing alone, but for the sake of observing. Observing that which you have been blinded to.
Open your eyes, it is okay, you are safe and never... ever forget, as you once did, that everything in this life is a miricle.
You have forgotton to be brave. Brave enouph to speak the see the feel that which, until now, has been "unfeelable".
You have been asleep far to long my friend.
Wake up. It's a new day. Its a new dawn.

There is still ink in the pen~


  1. THANK YOU! just remember posts don't have to be life changing, just your life:)! i need to talk to you and see if i can stay with you at the end of june?!

  2. But what if my life is constantly life changing:) he he he.
    I told you if I started to write again I would have to be absolutly honest...come what may:)
    yes...of course you can stay here in june.

  3. That was beautiful Holly. I love honest writers - they keep the rest of us honest as well. :)