Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Me and my twenty minute mile~

Today brought me~
A twenty minute mile (sigh)
Yes...it took me twenty minutes to run one mile~
ONE mile~

Of course I did have a helper~
It also brought me lunch with pops.
Greatest man in the world.
He brought me a book.
We share books.  We talk about books.  We dream of writing books.  Well, I dream of writing books...and he...smiles.
He left a message on my answering machine yesterday, (yes, even my father gets it once in a while.  All he said was~

"Here is one for you...just a teaser from this new book"

"Your mind does not know the way
Your heart has already been there
And your soul has never left it.
Welcome home."
Dr.Wayne Dyer

My new book: "The shift"
Mr. Dyer is going to 
Take my life from ambition to meaning~

I sure hope he hurries.
I wonder what he would say about my twenty minute mile.

Dad is taking a trip next week all by his lonesome. Sometimes it makes me sad to think of him driving on a lonely highway.  But he doesn't mind.  In fact, three times a year he goes on a road trip all by his lonesome on purpose.  (Everything he does has a purpose...you really should meet this man.)  Sorry ladies...he has already x-nayed the dating idea.

He goes to remember three occasions:
The day he met my mother
The day he married my mother
And the day my mother was born...April 2 to be exact.

I asked him if he would be okay on this trip. He answered with a quote.  He does that alot.  This would be his answer~

"We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
will be to arrive where we started 
And know the place for the first time."

He borrowed that one from Mr.Dyer. 

I love how he throws me bits of wisdom and lets me marinate in them for a day or two. This quote is intense, but I like it.

I think I will let it marinate.  I will miss him while he is on his trip. I hope in some... simple way he gets to feel mom on her birthday.

The day also brought me a creative moment with my children.  We made animals from two liter bottles for the art festival. 

The house smelled of spray paint and glue...I think it made me high, because I sure was happy.

My good friend just happened to stop by.  PERECT!  Finally I get caught on a good day...But then she saw the animals and the table...and I saw that look in her eye...

I'm such a bad mom...look.

"wow...I don't even get out the play dough" she sighed

Well of course I couldn't let her get away with that...because she is simply one of the most beautiful mothers I have ever known.  Hands down...I couldn't hold a candle to her.

But we do that as women...there is always someone better out there.

I bet she doesn't know I have a twenty minute mile~


  1. Holly, I love reading your blog! Thank you so much for the inspirational words...I bet it would take me 40 minutes to run a mile these days. UGH! :) Love ya!

  2. i can't run a 20 min. mile, i can't run so you are doing way better than me. i have got to go back to yoga!!
    i can't tell you how i love you blogging!!! just in case you want to know the last 2 books i read were awesome. the glass castle and still alice. not inspirational but very poignant and really good!!!

  3. I love the way you can put together the English language. You blog is the only one I follow. thanks for painting such beautiful,descriptive pictures. Please make sure you write that book soon.

  4. Holly, you inspire me! I wish I was more like you. I love you so much. Thank you for the many many things that you have taught me and continue to teach me. I am so very glad you are writing, and blogging. Please don't stop. I need these doses of you and your wisdom in my life.

  5. I LOVE your blog and I'm so happy to see you on here! I know we're all supposed to get together awhile ago, but we really need to! I'm proud of you for running a mile in twenty minutes because I definitely can NOT. And I feel exactly like your friend where I don't even bust out the play dough (mostly because Wes will eat it). But I hope to be crafty and creative like you! I love you so much and miss you and I'm going to follow your blog!

  6. it is amazing how connected you feel even friends in the ward have become closer because we know more about each other's daily lives. i wish kelly could do it more i miss her!!