Thursday, March 18, 2010

And these are a few of my favorite things~ blue
2~Long long walks
3~Long long talks...(with real... raw people~)
4~John Mayer on a sad day
5~Norah Jones on a silly day
6~ My husband on everyday...most everyday (wink)
7~Sticking my head out of a moving train...and feeling the wind in my hair...(just once)
8~Jumping on the tramp with my children...
9~Watching Henry eat chocolate
10~Watching Malia ride her bike
11~Trading music with River
12~Watching Savannah do her hair
13~Exploring new cities~
            Puerta Vallarta...Prague...Vienna...Lahina
14~Discovering old Towns
            Following the dirt roads in Costa Rica...hoping not to get mugged~
   that old town~
15~Garrett's eyes...when he first walks out of the ocean, with surf board in hand...happiest eyes in the world.
16~Making sand castles with my babies
17~Pretending I am a singer when no one is home
18~Laying on my back and watching the stars~
            That soy field in Missouri...just me and Garrett and our blanket
            In the pasture, by the river with a full moon at the ranch
19~The ranch...of course the ranch~
            The winding river, riding the horses at full throttle, wild flowers in the spring, the swallows nests that dangle along the cliffs...good books by the old fire...the reminder of who I am...ya...I am strong after all...I am a Henrie.
   much more 
21~Oh ya...and Blue Birds...



  1. Oooh. These are all wonderful things!!

    I love Prague. With my whole heart and soul, i love that place!

  2. I love the cobblestone streets, bakeries and all of the pigeons that swarm around you in the big circle downtown. I cried at the Childrens Halacaust museam and loved the fact that Mother goose is buried in that crazy graveyard.
    You guys would be fun to travel with. keep it up:)

  3. i love you and i need to visit that ranch someday!! maybe june? how far is it from your house?!