Monday, March 29, 2010

A Big Yellow Taxi

This weekend brought me:
A Big yellow Taxi~

I love finding unusual things.
It is not every day in this 
suburban/minivan/sports car town,
you see a Big yellow Taxi.

It reminded me of Jon Travolta and Danny Davido...
Remember that show?  I loved that show.
It also reminded me of the old Carly simon song:
"A big Yellow Taxi"

Hey farmer farmer, put away your ddt now~
Given me spots on my apples, and even birds on the tree now~
Don't it always seem to go...
that you don't know what you got till it's gone...

So with one of my favorite songs 
playing in my head, I went about having
a very nice day with my family.
"Because you don't know what you got till its gone"~

We drove to Sandy for errands.
It's the only way to avoid bumping into patients,
which of course, Dr. Garrett doesn't mind.  It just
gets a bit awkward for me and the kids to stand and
smile patiently while someone complains about their
blood pressure, back pain...or bowl habits, 

We stopped by our favorite place to eat.
(Actually Dr. Garrett's place...I prefer something more foreign)...because I am oh so very sophisticated.

Souper Salad 

Though I must say, I am always happy to go to this place, Just for the 
Ginger muffins.
Oh the ginger muffins...perfect.
Dr. Garrett tells me my bowel habits would be better if I ate more salad,
and drank more water.  I wish I had a picture of Dr. Garrett's water jug. I really should take a picture.
He drinks 2-3 gallons a day.  Every day.
I say he can keep his own bowel habits~
I am happy with my ginger muffin.
But I sure am glad he is next to me.
"Because you don't know what you got till its gone"~

There were a bunch of seagulls in the 
Walmart parking lot.  It made me dream of 
walking on the beach...for a brief moment.
Because that is where I think Seagulls belong.
Not at the garbage dump...or the Walmart trash bins.
I think they are much to pretty to be scavaging for garbage.

Later on...
We had movie night.  
And After the kids fought over who sat closest to mom and Dad,
We snuggled up and watched an old
Cowboy show...The Fabulous Seven.
I love old Cowboy shows.
I love old Cowboy's

Especially this one...

Sunday brought it's own beauty.
We went to grandma and grandpa Smith's house.
We Love that house.
And we Love their land even more.

I brought my camera so I could take pictures
of Grandpa giving tractor rides, the grandkids love tractor rides...but I think Grandpa does too.

Then my darn camera battery died.
stupid battery.
But there will be a next time...I hope.
Because, after all..."you don't know what you got till it's gone."


  1. your posts make my day!

    i can't imagine people talking to you about their bowel problems in public. wait. i take that back. any time i go out to lunch in my scrubs someone asks me "are you a nurse?" nope. nada. zip. i know nothing beyond what insurance will pay/deductibles/and maybe.just maybe some cpr. :)

    glad to hear you had a lovely weekend!

  2. so where did the yellow taxi come from? i would want to run errands in a different town too, and i love salad! my bowel habits are pretty good;)

  3. LOVE it! And I feel the exact same way about the displaced sea gulls and good food over balanced bowel movements:-)

  4. so it was just there, i thought it was for you:)