Thursday, March 18, 2010

357 shades of Green

I took the kids to the park today~
They needed haircuts
Haircuts led to Wendy's
Wendy's led to the park on a very windy day.

Happy meals blew every which way~
I hope I always remember River chasing the napkins in the wind
I so dig that he is not to cool to swing with his baby brother.

I sat on the grass and watched the trees~
It is a sport you know.  Watching Trees...
So very exhausting

I love knowing that soon all of the naked branches
will be dressed
with 357 shades of green.

Thats what mom said~
That there are 357 shades of green

There certainly isn't today~
But tomorrow...
Tomorrow the grey will take it's turn to rest.

It is time for color~


  1. What a great saying from your mom!! I miss her!

    Might I add that as a younger cousin in the bunch, I always looked up to you! I always thought that you working at the orphanage in Europe, and how you and Garrett worked on a cruise line was the coolest thing ever!! Cheesy but true! Glad you've still got your adventurous spunk about you!

  2. hurry spring! it was very windy here today too and drake and nellie sat in the living room eating happy meals and wrappers were blowing all over too!! weird huh?! love your thoughts!!

  3. Great memories.. We are lucky that our kids are not to old to be with there siblings.. My big boys still hang our with their little brother.. And they are in High school :)

    Can't wait for more sunny days :)