Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stop This Train~

~Stop This Train~

When I was just eighteen
I stuck my head out of a moving Train
I watched the day turn into night
With the wind in my face...
And I loved it~

I had a cheap cassette tape walkman
(wow...that dates me)
And it played Enya
over and over and...
over again~

Enya was my inspiration
and with every note
I wrote
The story of my life...
And oh what a story it would be~
and the train rolled on

First stop...
Where I worked in the orphanages...
I was going to save all of the children 
and become the next MOTHER TERESA~
and now every night I pray that I can save my own...
And then...
I decided that when I was done saving
the children...
I would write for the Associated Press~

I would bring just to the unjust...
Galvanize quite heroes...
Bring politicians to there knees~
and the Train rolled on
and now
The politicians bring me to my knees...

I was going to change the world~
now I hope I can change my sheets...
at least once a week~

And Then

 I met a boy with a yankees hat
and a great big smile~
and the Train moved on
only on a different track...

Turned out
He was a dreamer
just like me

We vowed we would never live in
a box brown house and 
drive black and white cars
and establish a routine
of any kind...

So we packed our bags and set out for
and boy did we have some...

But soon
The adventures seemed 
and the clock started ticking~
and the train moved on...

And one day the letter came...
Accepted at last!
(med school)

and we were Happy...
but we were also kind of sad~

Then the babies came~
And the flowers grew
and the wind blew...

But there were some Doozers
ie:intense emotional discussions 
(A very generous term for poor communication skills)

There were days when
Garrett was up to his elbows in
and I was up to mine in

That I would look at pictures
from far away places
and wonder~
Just wonder~

And there was the night
After three years of Medical school
That Garrett informed me he was joining the
Coast Gaurd
And I laughed...
Then I cried...
And Garrett lauphed
Then he cried~

Then we both cried together~
and the Train moved on...
and the babies kept comming..
And we bought a Brown house
and two white cars...

And we have dinner everyday
at 6:30
and Saturday movie nights...
And instead of exploring the world together~
we explore the minds of our four

~And We have never been so happy~
(Except, of course, on our no good, very bad..terribly awful days)
~And boy do we have them~

Funny thing

It puts you on a train and takes you 
to all of the places you think you want~
And then brings you back to your


  1. it's like in the movie parenthood when the old grandma is describing the roller coaster ride, love that scene! it has it's ups and downs but the ride is fun (more poignant than that). life is funny but you got to have those adventures and will again someday! i love hearing about your time in the orphanage and your train ride!!!

  2. See, I told you, you're freaking cool!

    I LOVED this post. It's funny how life throws different things your way,but you still manage to make an adventure out of it!

    Oh, and you're still traveling! Yay for you! :)

  3. Holly, you are a beautiful writer and I LOVED your post and all the pictures! There were so many things I never realized that you experienced and your life is still so full of fun and excitement with your children. I hope to be just like you!