Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Message behind the Madness

Every Sunday
We loose our religion
getting to church~

And when we finally arrive
We tiptoe
(like a heard of elephants)
Into our chairs~

Definitely not benches...
Benches are for the righteously deserving
bunch that arrive
 to church on Time.

And without fail~
When I finally get a chance 
to glance
at my elephants...

Inevitably I see...
A missing sock
A mop of hair that didn't quite get combed
A milk mustache
A bow that doesn't match
(who am I kidding?...My daughters don't even wear bows)
Dirt behind an ear
last weeks snack on my sons white shirt~

I giggle
Just a little
(but not so much)
Because I am feeling like a great big
(with a capital L)

By this time, I sure could use a drink
but I don't drink
So I sit and think think think...

Hence the Sacrament...
There really must be something in the water~
Because I start to remember
what I'm supposed to remember 
and forget
What I'm supposed to forget~

And I pray
for the healing water to wash me clean
to clear my slate for one more day
one more week...
to make me new again~

Because that is the point
behind the Madness...
The reason I do it again and again
week after week
crying toddlers, sleepy teenagers
and all~
Because...I Need to be reminded 
of what I Never...Ever...want to forget~

And I start to see with 
the eyes of a man so pure...
he died for me~
 With renewed vision, I can see beyond
the Betty Crockers
and the Cindy Crawfords
The Cleavers..the Achievers
The scholars and the silent~

I see people just like me
To be so much more~

I see a "peculiar people"
The people of my father 
and his father
and his father's father~
whose faith was deeper than the river's
they crossed, so that I may sit on a chair
or a bench each week~
~and it will not be in vein~

laying down their weaknesses, their
mishaps and their clumsy mistakes
at the Saviors feet...
And I love them for it~

And I am proud and humble
in the same breath 
to sit among these people
Bench or no bench~

I remember that it is within the walls
of this school where
the hopeless find hope
The proud make peace with their pride...
and the sinner in all Of us
remembers the way home~

Home to him that gives me hope...
That one day
I'll get myself a bench~


  1. so beautifully said! you inspire me to listen today and take it all in.

  2. thank you for your beautiful on target words. thanks also for the chat amid the choas on gave me hope to keep going.

  3. THANK YOU for your post:-) This makes me feel so much better about my Sunday routine and I love how you put everything into perspective.

  4. I love your REAL words. The interesting part is that probably the majority of women in your ward that day felt the exact same way because we all think everyone else is perfect and we're the only one with the problems. Thank you for being so honest and eloquent. You are giving us all courage to be real and honest as well.