Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weekend Moments

It was a lovely weekend.
We started celebrating on Friday and partied well into late Sunday evening with a house full of family...(ie:chaos).  Friday morning we packed the kids, the cousins, and the boat up for a day at the lake, but the lake had other plans for us, so we settled for a picnic instead.
Saturday the Lake apologized and welcomed us back to our "spot".
Oh how I love our spot.

We stayed until we were all good and burned, and headed home for
fireworks, we are sort of in the Bermuda triangle of fireworks, with Pleasant grove, American Fork and Cedar Hills so close...and yet not quite close enough.
But they were beautiful just the same.

Auntie Jodi and Uncle Justin spoiled the kids with fireworks, which was a good thing because mom hates to see money burn.  I would much rather eat my money, so I elected to have a big seafood fest instead.  I must say, watching the kids try to eat crab legs was far more entertaining than fireworks:)
We forgot to cook up the catfish Tyson caught, thanks again to uncle Justin.  I love my family.
Ryan and Becky...We miss you so much up here. 

Grandpa was going to give us a family home evening on Sunday about our country and the freedom God has blessed us with,
but I crashed into a deep sleep, and woke up to a clean kitchen and quite house.  
I'm going to have to try that one again.
Here are some of my favorite pics.


  1. holly i feel like you are in such a happy place. i know you still have some moments but i am just happy you are sleeping, it makes all the difference!

  2. whoa. lake trampoline. can i come next time please? :)

    looks like an awesome 4th of July extravaganza! i'm jealous. i was not in the mood. i feel asleep at 9:30 and missed the fireworks. how lame of me.

  3. I wanna join your family!!! Looks like you guys had a BLAST!