Monday, February 14, 2011

Sweethearts and Sticky fingers...

Happy Valentines day

I confess to being a shameless romantic.
But these days Valentines has more to do with
sweethearts and sticky fingers,
than bubble baths, lace and martinelles,
(I am working on it though:)
But I did wake up Sunday morning to these
on my nightstand.
I think I would have preferred waking up to
Garrett himself...
But he was on call.
He has been working like a madman lately,
and I love him for it.

I love him for coming home to me and the kids
with a smile on his face.
Every time.
I honestly don't remember a time when he came home,
stressed and in a bad mood...
even though I know there is plenty of stress in his work.
He smiles and holds me,
and makes me feel like he waited all day long,
just to see me.

Sometimes, I hate to go on like this,
because I know not every man treats his lady the way
he ought to.
And I feel sad for all the beautiful women,
who don't feel so beautiful sometimes.

But I want to be thankful, and celebrate
my best friend, and tell him and
his children how blessed we all are to have him.

Speaking of children...
Every year I make a valentines dinner.
The kids think they have died and gone to Heaven,
because the main theme is sugar:)
Okay Red is the main theme,
but red stuff is pretty sweet...
cherry soda floats with licorice straws,
heart jello, raspberry rolls, fresh strawberries,
Salmon, salad and....
Chocolate cake.
Because Chocolate is every color of the rainbow:)

Mom and Dad Smith came over,
I wish I took more pictures,
but we got lost in conversation, 
about interest, recessions, face book, 
and the miracle of glass magic in your dishwasher.
I love family.

Today Henry's Buddy Xander came over.
They helped Malia sort through all of this:
River asked Malia if he could have a sucker.
Malia replied that their were no more left,
So Henry took the sucker out of Xander's mouth
and handed it to River!
The funny part was that Xander smiled and seemed
more than happy to give up his sucker for River.

I guess that is love.
Sweet, beautiful love.
love. love. love....
All of you:)

Here is wishing you,
lots of chocolate, a hot bath
and all the lace you care for...
or not:)


  1. i LOVE you and your posts!! i am not a lacey kind of heart person but it's fun to celebrate for your kids!

  2. I was just going to leave a message of "where are you?!!" when i was surprised to find this lovely post!

    what a cute momma you are to plan such a lovely dinner! i'm sure your kids will have many happy memories in years to come!

  3. I love this idea, and I'm going to try to celebrate holidays a little more so Wes can have memories like this. I love you and your family so much!

  4. i LOVE your dinner table and the menu is sooo cute! i agree with darah, i need to put more into creating cute moments like these as my children are starting to grow.

    and i love what you said about your husband. i too agree that we are BLESSED to have such choice hubby's.

    happy valentine's day!