Saturday, May 14, 2011


Today I almost jumped out of a plane,
then the wind decided it wasn't the right moment.
After three hours of mental preparation:)

I was sad.
It was so very anti climatic.
But it seemed perfect in a way, because I was jumping to culminate
a class I was taking.
The class that was going to change me into a superhero.

I thought I would feel more wonder womanish after working so hard
on myself.
But the tights just don't fit.  
God Has other plans for me
It seems that he is quite happy with the
unfinished woman I am,
and happy to keep me stretching.

And so am I.

Here are some pics from our trip to Lanai

1 comment:

  1. first that is only one pic! more!
    second WHAT? you were going to jump out of a plane?
    that is crazy! you are wonderwoman, look at all of the things you have overcome and trudged through!
    we are all works in progress, isn't that the point, to progress?! some are faster than others but it's not a race!
    love you!