Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lanai 2011

Every now and then life scoots aside, the waters part, and the Smith Family gets to return home to our Hawaii.  As it is well documented, our longing for the islands inevitably carries us on an adventure every year or so to check out a new island, a new job, and a new view of what life could be.
Someday for sure.
But for now, here are our favorite memories from the small but very significant island of
Ferry ride from maui to Lanai.
A pod of whales surfaced on our way home.
I think it was an omen:)
After driving to Las Vegas to catch the plane and flying all day,
I took my first breath.
Breathing is so much easier by the sea.

Lahina harbor
Garrett & I worked here 15 years ago.

Malia wrote a to do list.
#1 learn how to surf.
Mission accomplished.

This was her cute little dance to celebrate her new surf skills.
Her passion for life moves me everyday.

Savannah and River popped right up too...

This was our surf teacher Nick.
How can you not smile when you are in the presence
of such undiluted joy?

The second item on Malia's list:
#2 Find a guava
This was no easy task, being guava's were not in season.
But we did.
I will save that story for next post:)


  1. great pics! i am sure garrett was thrilled to see all his kids on a surf board. i love malia, she's such a little cutie!!

  2. I want to hear all about it! Love all the cute pictures. Hawaii always seems so "alive"! Utah is getting there slowly but surely this time of year....Miss you bunches. Thanks for posting!

    Love you dear