Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lessons from the tide pool

I love Tide pools...
I could wander them for hours with my children by my side,

Henry loves them too.
On this day,
Henry has to pee.

There is no way I am walking back to the public restrooms,
so I break my own rule, and tell him to pee in the tide pool.
He finds a sea urchin,
drops his pants and aims right for him.
" don't scare me mister."
And from this point on,
Henry can't keep his pants up
because he likes his new found power.

River is feeling a bit powerful as well...
He has completely disarmed me on this trip,
It is as if returning to the stomping grounds of his childhood
had reconnected him to his truth.
And his truth is beautiful indeed,
especially when he is living it out loud.

This was a day, a moment,
that we were all in the present,
completely focused on finding the next treasure
that had survived a wave here and a rage there.

We marvel at God's creative powers
and talk about what we want to create
with our own creative powers.
That was just River & I
Henry was to busy peeing.

I take a minute to thank God for helping me create
my four little creatures,
and for the beautiful man who helped with the process:)
Life is beautiful this day.


  1. this is beautiful, and has me longing for a family of my own to take adventures with.

    i'm glad you got to go to the place that seems to make you the happiest (why don't you guys just MOVE back already?!) :)

    i've missed your words on the page.

    keep em' comin' lady.

  2. Holly, you are such a great mom! I am heading home to Hawaii in October. Counting the days!