Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The guava hunt

Malia's To do list #2 :  Find a wild Guava
This task was slightly nerve racking for me,  due to the fact that Guava's are
not quite in season, not to mention the fact that I had never been on this island
before and wasn't exactly Guava savy.
But I was crazy determined to cross this off my list.
So the story goes...

There was once a very crazy mama determined to show her little flock,
that she could go out into the wild unknown jungle without their very brave
Herculean father. 
So off to the Jungle they drove.

The "Jungle" in Lanai is very different than other islands, it is full of these cook pines that were brought to Lanai because of their unique ability to hold moisture in their needles.  The entrance to Lanai city is paved with is truly a beautiful sight
Now here is where the story gets good.
See that lovely multimillion golf coarse?
See those thick trees surrounding it?
Lets just say mama left her tracks:)
One minute I was on a dirt road...
The next minute,
The four seasons resort golf coarse.
And let me add that backing up was not an option.
I had to drive around it about 10 times before I could find an escape!
But eventually we found the trail,
and walked in the most beautiful forest I have ever seen.
I let the kids take pictures:
That is a wasp nest way up there.

And then...

I love Happy endings.


  1. ONLY YOU! really only you would make such a wish come true for her child! love exploring! it's our most fun memories!

  2. More lovely than words can convey. Every morning when my babies are flying the coop...The last thing they hear before they head out the door is "Hey, it's good to be your mom". And, sweet Holly. I bet your bluebirds say to themselves "It's so good to be your child". You are a delicious momma girl.