Thursday, December 8, 2011

The new Sister Smith.

My new definition for the word:
When someone refers to your baby girl as "Sister Smith".
Savannah's first trip to the temple.
It was Golden hour.  And that light blended with the temple was better than milk and cookies.
Like way better.
This morning I forgot to pray.  I do that a lot.  How sad is that?  My gift to Christ this Christmas is to pray
to him every single morning.  To start my day with gratitude.

Today I am grateful for my amazing husband, his worthy heart and his kind eyes.
For a daughter that always seems one step ahead of me.  Like getting Henry ready for bed, before
I even ask...and cleaning up a spill over, when everyone else walks away.  I love you Savannah.
Let's do this temple thing more often.


  1. Love the pictures, and what an awesome experience for her!