Thursday, January 8, 2009

Let the bluebirds come

In a series of beautiful and tender mercies, way to complex to share, the blue bird has become our family motto.  

It is a simple expression that miracles happen if we wait upon the Lord and trust in his timing.  Which, we have also learned the hard way, does happen.  My late mentor Jerry Edwards once explained in a simple story just how.

There was once a women in the hospital who absent mindedly set her diamond ring on her feeding tray.  And after a clumsy moment during the night, she bumped it in the garbage can.  She was to weak to bend down and get it, and assumed she could have the nurse dig it out in the morning.  But sometime after an unexpected sleep, the garbage can had been emptied and her precious wedding ring gone. 

 The Janitor was called and faithfully committed to her that he would find it.  Some, (like myself) would call this an unrealistic commitment.  Even if every last garbage dumpster was searched, how could it possibly be found?  After a day of anxious waiting, the lady took pity on the devoted janitor and told him to go home, that the ring was simply not to be found.  But he would not give up.  And finally in the very last dumpster rolling amidst the food scraps and smoltering stench, was the diamond ring.  When he presented the ring to the speechless woman.  He simply said, "Mam, miracles happen, but there usually in the last garbage can." 

And that pretty much sums up our year.  

My friend Kelly's new year's goal was for me to have a blog.  I have always been a bit skeptical of blogging.  Until I recognized it as a way to celebrate the ones I love and express my gratitude for the role they play in my family's life. And I must confess, I am exited to share our growth in good times and bad with those we love.

So here is to you Kelly...Check this one off your list:)


  1. HOLLY! I'M SO EXCITED TO FOLLOW YOUR BLOG! I know we live in the same neighborhood, but sometimes it's still too far away to see what's going on. I love it, gorgeous!

  2. Yaaay... it's only January 8th, and I already can check something off my New Year's Resolution list! Ha ha. Even better, I get to check in on my dear friend and her beautiful family. Does it get any better than that? I miss you tons already!

  3. hi Friend!! i am so excited you are a blogger now, it really is such a good way to keep tabs on each other and know what's going on in your lives. i missed being with you guys but i hope that you had a great time! i can't wait to see more posts and i look forward to hearing your writing again!!
    love ya, Kelly

  4. Hey Holly, you're one step ahead of me! Maybe you'll inspire me to get a blog up and running! I'd be happy to dig through that last garbage can with you! :) Love and miss you girl. The blog looks fabulous :)