Friday, January 16, 2009

River meets Alexander graham Bell

This week River and I have painstakingly prepared a report for his wax museum report/presentation on Alexander Grahm Bell.  I found it amusing that such a man as Bell hated school too!  I found myself wondering if his mother paved his path to greatness with the stones of her worry, or if she saw the greatness in him all along and simply just loved what was.

I wonder if she gave him daily speeches about "This moment, this very the rest of your life blah blah blah?  Or perhaps did she just get that he would grow into his destiny one stone at a time between the morters of his mistakes and success alike?  Did she see the telephone in him on all of those days she could barely get him to study?

Or how about Einstien...I can't even spell his name...but I think about his mother a lot too.  He was a bit much for the classroom as well, so his dear mother pulled him out and schooled him herself.  Did she too, have days of wonder and worry alike.

It seems to me that life comes in bundles of burden and blessing,  paralleling a path that God has designed for us.  And in this new phase of parenting, I am trying to balance my role as a mother with wisdom enough to know when to push and know when to let go and let God.

For now I simply want to celebrate him, my little toddler that made robots out of p.v.c pipes and knew the size of every engine in every car ever made by the time he was four.  I want to celebrate his humanity  and kindness that he shows to everyone, his thoughtful reflections and boisterous opinions all in a package specially delivered to me and Garrett!  We love you River...And have to study your spelling tomorrow:)


  1. happy to see you writing and hear your love for your kids, your spelling cracks me up, for turkey bowl you have bowel, a turkey bowel is a much different thing!!
    call me if you want any help! love you!

  2. Love the new pics and posts Hol. You are so descriptive, genuine, and creative. Love it! Thanks so much for sharing. Love ya, Beck

  3. Perhaps I should study my spelling too:)