Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas cakes

I am no baker.
Nope.  Notta. Zip.
But sometimes the kids and I like to watch "Cake Boss,"
A reality show with the obnoxious Italian baker, Buddy, 
who drops the word Fandant, (fondont)
a thousand times a show.
The kids have been begging me to make "fandant",
for some time now, and I was hesitant,
to say the least.

I have been thinking a lot lately about how my mother always baked
beautiful pastries, pies, ect around the holidays,
She never worried about the messes or the messes
or did I say messes?
That is why I don't care for baking.

But last week, I was overcome with the desire to let my kids
make something 

So they could give it away to someone who had made a difference 
in their lives,
to someone who had served them, made them better,
and sacrificed for them.
So we choose their primary leaders and scout leaders.

While I don't think I will EVER work with "Fandant" again,
because it is hard and stubborn and terribly temperamental,
(much like myself at times),
it was one of the happiest holiday memories I have ever made with my children.
I have decided this year to give myself the present of
~Presence ~
I want to be in every moment,
fully, completely and joyfully.
It is a gift, that has already changed my heart and my home.
I wish I had a Christmas cake for all of you,
But if you want a "fandant" covered cake,
I say stick with the professionals:) 
I love you big time.


  1. When you disappear from the social world, I begin to worry. Glad to see that you've disappeared into doing something wonderful!

    I've used fondant once, and will NEVER do it again. Plus it's not very tasty either.

    pst..Cake boss drives me crazy, but I get sucked in with those lovely cakes..

  2. that is so great that you attempted it, it is not easy! it is about making memories!! we love cake boss:) i prefer cupcakes, much easier!
    have a merry, relaxing, warm season!!!

  3. Aunty Holly, I just want you to know that you are the kind of mother I want to be, even if I don't like "fandant" either. I also want to be more "in the moment" and fully there, not multi-tasking so much.

  4. Too cute for words! Miss you my sister!