Friday, December 31, 2010

Crepes and crowds

The one tradition of my mother's,
that I haven't messed with or thrown out all together,
is Christmas morning Breakfast.
Mom was superholidaywoman,
(Yes this is a mom)
and I always loved her for it,
but in my old age and new found wisdom,
I am learning I just can't do it all.
But Breakfast....
Mom used to invite anyone and EVERYONE,
come one, come all.
So some time after we clean up a little mess here...
And a little mess there...
(Malia made us all sno cones with her new ice machine:)
We start a new mess.
Christmas cassoroles...
And Christmas every flavor of the rainbow...
And lots of other good stuff that we are all too full to eat...
I even set the table with REAL plates! (mostly:)
I hope mom knew that she was invited.
I wonder about things like that,
I hope I made her proud.
I hope Dad felt her in someway...
That would be the best present ever.

But we had Whitney to make us laugh...
And to remind us all to cherish each other for now...
Because this too shall pass.
I took the Liberty of adding a little tranquilizer in the O.j
Time for a BIG nap.
I did it.
(We are missing pictures of other know who you are!)
Happy Holidays everyone.


  1. dude. you know how to make crepes?!
    i'm coming next year.

    but seriously, teach me via blogging how to make them. i'm darn near tempted to hop on a jet to paris for some more.

  2. Totally! you better come next year!
    Seriously though...anytime you are in town I will make you crepes.
    I will put recipe on blog...maybe savannah can film me.
    HOw do you get your pictures in those cute frames on your blog?
    We just need a slumber party, so that you can teach me blog stuff and I will make you crepes until your buttons burst!
    love you!

  3. your mom was very happy to see all her family together and her daughter keeping up her traditions!
    you are awesome!

  4. You continue to amaze me. I know your mom is proud of you EVERYDAY!
    You provided some very special memories for your family. Everything looks so beautiful and I could feel the love for each other oozing out of the computer :) wish I could see you. I love you. Nikki.