Friday, December 31, 2010


All day long...
as I have posted my Christmas pictures,
of family and friends,
and a big smooch with Garrett,
I have forgotten,
To remember,
That someone, somewhere has a 
heavy heart,
a tired soul, 
an unanswered prayer,
a falling star that is still falling.

I am thinking of my sweet Nikki today,
my beautiful black pearl
and her fifth Christmas without Jon.

I think of her beautiful children
and their hopes and dreams
and courages hearts...
I think of how God is using all of them,
to teach us to hold on to each other
during these times,
because this too shall pass,
in good
and in bad.
Today is the only sure thing,
that any of us have.
I waste alot of New years goals on vein ambitions,
not this year.
This year my goal is to simply,
hold on to each day,
love with everything I have,
and cherish every single moment.
I love you Nikki.
Today, I am celebrating your courage.


  1. miss jon so much, nikki is a great example of courage and moving forward.

  2. we miss him too. this was sooo sweet...thanks for sharing.