Wednesday, December 29, 2010


First night of Christmas
Family Gift night.
I finally replaced Garrett's wedding ring that he lost water skiing.
I asked him to marry me all over again.
And I ment it.
I love you my kind and tender friend.
Thanks for my Camera!!!!!
Savannah spoiled Malia rotton:
One snuggie
One amazing art kit
Three packs of bubble gum
Night two
Pajama night.
Note Garrett's red hot pajama bottoms:)

 Night Three
And Finally the cousins arrive...
We make Christmas eve fondue...
And lots of cheesy, chocolate faces...
Then we boot them off to bed...
For Santa is coming soon...

 And then there was Christmas Breakfast....
But I will post that one later...
I think I have already hit the picture limit for one post:)


  1. looks like a beautiful christmas. i know garrett would take you all over again too!

  2. Great traditions!!! It'll be so fun with kids at Christmas! :)