Friday, December 31, 2010


The best christmas present by far..
 was having my sister and her family stay here for a week.  
In fact, I am certain the reason why this season was 
a little magic, had to do with her comming and decorating my
house for Christmas in the first place.
She added a little lovin here...
And a whole lot of lovin here.
(see stairs behind)
She puts love in everything she does...
She is a beautiful mother...
and an example to me of balance and joy and what it means to be
And I love her for that.
I wish I had a picture of us...
but she doesn't do pictures:)
So here is a picture of her ED fixing my counter top...
I didn't have to ask.
I never do.
They both just see where they can help out,
and go about it quietly.
(unless there is a drill involved:)

I love that she compensates when she knows that
I have hit my limit...
And that she lets me do the same when she hits hers.
I love that she talks to me with that same
heart, soul and no B.S
just like mom did.
I love you Shellie.
And I miss the rest of you, Becky, Ryan, my black pearls, ALL of my amazing friends...
everyone who has made me a better person and blessed my family
I am starting this New year with a heart of gratitude for all of you..
Merry CHRISTmas.
And a very HAPPY new year.
(Now I need to get pics from Garrett's sisters from our cabin party!)

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  1. sisters are the best, whether they are born to you or come into your lives when you need them most!!
    love you, happy new year!