Friday, August 13, 2010

Montiter with compassion

We went to Utah Lake today with the big Smith family.
I listened to Wayne Dyer on the way.
He told me to moniter myself with compassion.
I think I'll take his advice.

River got in the water and went on the tube,
It was like watching him learn to walk all over again.
I called him Rocky and cried in my sun glasses.
Both Savannah and Malia are skiing now.

Dad helped me paint River's room Wednesday,
Wish I could post a picture, but Garrett lost my camera:)

It's no fun to post without pictures.


  1. That sucks about the camera!!

    pst... I miss your regular posting!

  2. Hi Holly,

    Know what you mean about the camera!! Ryan had ours to get pictures of wildlife while out scouting around and I kept forgetting to get it out of his truck. Thanks so much for your comments on my post last week. I was having a rough night, and I appreciate so much your encouragement!! I am SOO glad River enjoyed his time at the lake - YAY!!! We are painting Dallin's room in the morning, so we'll have to swap some painting pictures some day! I bought some chalkboard paint to do one small wall, and the other walls will be "dynamic blue"....Should be a par-ty!! How is everything else going? Miss you. I could use a girl's lunch out some day/month/year :D Would be so fun!! Love ya oodles.

  3. p.s. Sorry. I forgot to sign Devon off his gmail account. It was really me, Beckie, commenting, in case you didn't notice :) ha ha.