Sunday, August 22, 2010

Morrie and Mom

I once read that if you are not experiencing one of these three know you are checked out and thus not living in your truth.  ie: the life God intended for you to live.

Enthusiasm,  joy, acceptance

I am committed,  and always have been to these emotions,  but it seems the older I get, and the more life weathers me,  it takes more and more energy to feel them.
And energy is something I run short of a lot.

So I try to be mindful and aware...always to check myself...a pulse check if you will, am I alive?

Am I living?

Morrie says that you are only living if you are giving.  And as odd is it may sound...In all of my giving all day long...some nights I wonder if I am truly giving of myself or just dumb giving.
There is a difference.  A big difference.

Morrie is the college professor dying of A.L.S in the play Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom.  I took River to see the play at B.Y.U this week.  It was one of my mother's favorite books, and I thought it would be a great way to deliver a message to River.
ie:  Buck up buddy...if Morrie can do this, so can you.
But as we watched the play I was reminded of why mother loved the movie so much...not because it inspired her to buck up... but because it resonated with her undying commitment  to love others....
really love.  
And to really love have to accept them wherever they are at.
Thus back to the three emotions.
Thanks mom.
I miss you so much right now, don't give up on me...I am a slow learner.


  1. i am sure that was a great play to see! how is river? how's the gluten free going? thinking of you often!

  2. Sounds like a book I need to read!

  3. I love you and thank you again for this post. It seems that whenever I need a advice for however my life is going at the moment, I can come to your blog and take exactly what I need. Just like when you used to teach our yw class. I'd always leave class inspired and excited because of you. I LOVE you and I hope River is doing well.

  4. ah.. you're good. i love your words and insights.

    i'm flattered that you would choose me as a writer. like really really flattered. i feel like my words are just jibber jabber.

    keep the posts coming lady. i miss you.