Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Last week I met my Hawaiian "sisters" in California for my "niece's" wedding.
I really should drop the ""...because it feels legit to claim them as my own.
They were married in the San Diego Temple.  
It was under construction. 
But so am I.
So the scaffolding didn't bother me.

It was beautiful.
And renewing. 
Scotty and Kai, Yasmine, Nikki, kelly (mom) and I.
Kelly gave away her two babies this month.
Wow, I can't believe she is an empty nester.
I fill old.
But the joy of young love,
reminded me to stay young, and love strong.
My friends and family mean so much to me.
They ground me, challenge me and love me just the way I am.
Good crazy.
This is Nikki's daughter,  Amber.
She is the photographer.
She has her dad's eye, his gift.
We miss you Jon.
But we felt you there, in the temple.
You always watched over kai like she was your own daughter.
Of course you were there.
Greg, Jon, Garrett and I.
Napalei coast 2004.
Our last adventure together.

Till we meet again.


  1. holly, whatever you write it brings tears to my eyes. so beautiful! we thought of jon, he should have been photographing her wedding, we would have never dreamed he wouldn't be there!
    (the pictures are pixalated, is is supposed to be that way?, maybe too big.)

  2. I loved your post. Everything was beautifully written and we do all miss Jon:-) I'm happy you were able to spend time with your family, your hawaiian family, and you don't need to put quotations. Claim them as your own, because they are:-) Love you!

  3. Beautiful sentiments Holly. Love seeing your kids, they are growing up. Send me your e-mail so I can link you into my blog. Love you.


  4. Holly, I love how you relate the temple construction to you being under construction. Aren't we all? Beautiful!! Love you to bits!!