Saturday, August 7, 2010

young again

Remember this feeling?
Blue skies, vast possibilities,
the world is mine oh mine

I am feeling it again.

Gone are the days of 
acting old. 
Wishing, washing,

Gone are the expressions:
"oh shucks"
"shoulda coulda woulda"
"maybe someday"

Gone Gone Gone.

The new me I am dreaming up:
Dancing. I always wanted dancing
lessons, but never had the chance.

It's time for me to dance baby.
I am thinking Jazz.
Maybe Latin? 
Garrett loves to dance.
Perhaps he will join me?

And Guitar.
I will learn one Jose Gonzalas song.
(he is my latest craze)

And English.
It's about time I sharpen my grammer,
my spelling, and other misdemeanors of the
english language.

I feel young again already!

Will you ask me next week if this was just
a moment or if I really engaged in these activities?
And if I say no.
Come kick me in the okole
because it is time for change I say!!!



  1. Ooh.. latin dancing! This has been on my "to do" list FOREVER! Get on it sister!

    And yes.. PLEASE come visit in Portland!

  2. GO FOR IT!! kiley took a pole dancing class for her bachelorette party maybe you could try that?!! i am all about new too just not sure what direction yet!
    so how is the detoxing going?! please call or text if you need help!

  3. I love that idea. Sounds like a good thing to do. I would need to hire a housekeeper and a chauffer for the kids, hmmm not a bad idea!

  4. Live Holly, Live!! I love it. Sounds so fun! Go for it! New is always invigorating and life infusing! I want an update!! How was Hawaii?! I had to Google the word "Ohana" because I didn't know what it meant, and I love the Hawaii definition of family. Certainly in my life many people not related to me by blood have become my family. I hope River is getting stronger and able to enjoy life more fully. Tess prays for him and Tyson's broken ankle every night! Are you ready for school? It would be so fun to get together and visit. Miss you always~ Dance away sister