Sunday, September 12, 2010

Between a crack and a hard place

These pictures are from my epic adventure to Shananagan's slot canyon last weekend.
Epic is a hip word for...
freaking CRAZY:)

I love that I was able to feel freaking Crazy.
I love that my body moved inch by inch,
crawl by crawl,
climb by climb,
fall by fall,
I love that I am alive to tell about it.
I love all the bumps and bruises that adorn me 
from head to toe.
I love that I can do hard things.
I love that I am choosing

In your face Mr. Lupas.


  1. makes me claustrophobic just looking at this!

    good for you! take that indeed lupus!

  2. I can't even begin to tell you ....

    -how much i love you
    -how proud I am of you
    -how you are such an inspiration to me
    -how I wish I could be more like you
    -how you are my example
    -how much I miss you ......

  3. OMG holly! that is crazy! i am proud of you too. that takes guts!! the pics are amazing though, SO cool!

  4. That looks SO COOL! Beautiful colors! I'll bet you loved that!

  5. amazing! what an experience! and indeed, FREAKING awesome! IN YOUR FACE MR. LUPAS!!! ;-)

  6. That is extremely amazing and so awesome! You look so free and happy in that picture of you standing with your arms up, I love it and I love you!

  7. Your cousin Kate pointed me towards your blog.

    You can peak at mine if you wish to see why.

    I've read through your archives a bit - thank you so much. You are inspiring and I hope you don't mind if I keep checking in. I pray for you and your son's health.