Monday, September 20, 2010


It has been a great week,
and an even better weekend.
We spent Saturday afternoon under this bridge making boats,
With twigs and twine and other unmentionables. 

Garrett was a sport.
Even though he would rather be driving his boat,
than making one.
I love watching my children create.
I love seeing the world and all of it's beauty through their eyes.
Henry is growing up too fast.
Their should be a law against the baby of the family growing.
I want to keep his hands chubby forever.
But since I can't,
I let his hair grow all unruley.
Because I love unruley, smelly, sweaty little boy hair.
See that smile on River's face.
It's the real thing.
We made it through the woods.
crossed the bridge,
(so to speak).
He is now a very happy camper,
and stronger for having been scratched up a bit.
I am thankful.
It feels so good to have crossed that bridge.
Happy monday to you all~


  1. What an amazing day you had with your family. Great memories too!

  2. I'm so glad you're posting again!

    Great activity!

  3. Holly, It is so good to hear from you! You have had humongous bridges to cross lately; I am so grateful for your example of crossing them so gracefully with your amazing family. I love the pictures! Such a creative bonding activity! I love and miss you so much.

  4. so cute to let them be real kids! so happy to hear things are better, hope it's permanant!!

  5. You are an amazing mom! Your kids are so big and GORGEOUS! Happy things are better.