Thursday, September 2, 2010

Recipe for madness:
1. one lost Camera

2.One Crashed hard drive

3. Zip, zero, nano applications left,  not to mention
3 years of digital pics. music.memories.
Back up people!

4. ooh, must not forget the ipod, 
(backup plan) changed the password.
And me lovely me cannot access any of the
thousands of songs I have collected for 3 years.
Are you mad yet?
I am:(

My higher self says: Perhaps something beautiful will be born of this tragedy~
My lower self says: Shut up polly freaking anna:)

So, If any of you should have pics of me and the family over the past 3 years send them my way:)

life is


  1. Oh no! That makes a pit in my stomach just thinking about it!!

  2. i have had that scare before, you should take it somewhere and see if they can retrieve anything, it does work sometimes! it does make you sick though and i don't back up enough especially my blog or pics. i will try and send you some pics ok?! so sorry!!!

  3. I am SOOOOO sorry. You have had a bad day!!! It can only get better from here! You deserve some chocolate and a nap!

  4. everything is gone. Somehow River installed some top security vile fault thing...which the mac people tell me is like stuff the cia uses! How the heck he hid that I haven't a clue and neither does he.
    So because River did this and did not write down password...and can not remember doing it the first place...there is no way to retrieve the has been working on it for one week...talked to head of file vault...and they said...sorry...that is why people use us to protect them.

    the only thing they could do was replace hard drive so the computer itself works.

    ugh. I don't even have itunes or photo shop any more.

  5. Holly, I am SOO sad for your loss!! It reeks to lose pictures!!! I hate it!! You'll have to print out your blog!! At least you can save those ones....How are you? I have thought about you a million times...Hope all is well and sorry again and sorry I haven't been better about blogging or commenting. My life feels freaky out of control some days. maybe just today. Not enough minutes, seconds, hours....Love you tons.