Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I finally bought a mother's necklace for myself.  I always wanted one, but it felt so cheesy to buy my own.  Grandpa, the kids and I went to the Sundance Fall Festival saturday night.
I love Sundance.
I love Fall even more~
So while I was lingering with Henry, the girls came running...
with shouts and screams..."mom... a bluebird...we found a bluebird necklace for you."
I love bluebirds for reasons to complex to share...they are my symbol,
my reminder to be in the moment, to live each day with gratitude.
When I found the necklace, Savannah suggested having all of the kids initials attached,
It was perfect.
I also added the letter "J" for Joy.
Because that is what I feel when I am with my family.
~most of the time~ 

The lady who designed the necklace took small, dime size plates of silver
and then pounded in the letters with an old mallet.
It took a while.
Meanwhile my dad patiently waited with the kids.
and waited
and waited.
Sometimes you have to wait on Joy I guess,  but it always comes.
Dad packed us a lunch.
I say he deserves as much joy as he can get, because since mom died he has turned his
grief into creating joy for all of his children.
I think he deserves a blue bird necklace too:)
~I love you Dad~


  1. That's so sweet of your dad to spend time with his grandkids! I'm sure they love having him around!

    I love that necklace! It's not cheesy at all! I'd say you hit it right on the spot!

  2. SO you, someday you will be entirely sick of bluebirds:)
    your dad is so great! and i love sundance too!