Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall picinic

I love seasons,
the way they still you,
the family traditions they inspire,
the way they remind you of the Creator,
and his love,
the excuse they give you to buy new shoes,
and color your hair,
the way they help you measure the growth
of your children.
(And boy are they growing)
The way the smell,  the way they wrap around your skin
and make you feel,
        These are some pictures from a family picnic up American Fork canyon.
We, (aunites on Smith side), went up to start dinner for Glenn, Garrett and Greg after their
very long hike.
(pictures below)
We sliced and diced and put hot dogs on sticks to roast over the fire
that we started
As the little ones threw rocks in the creek, kicked up colorful leaves,
and ran with their imaginations.
I love how their grins and giggles echoed throughout the trees.
I love them all.
It's a wonderful world,
I say.


  1. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED FOR YOU that you have no signs of lupus left in you!!!!! How exhilarating!! What a beautiful way to enter October!! I love all of your outdoor pictures! I love that you are inhaling and enjoying the earth's fall goodness. I love and miss you so much! My joy is with you!!!

  2. fall is amazing, if spring is rebirth fall is like a warm blanket putting you into your chrysalis! so happy you are able to enjoy it!!!

  3. p.s. That bluebird necklace is absolutely and undeniably perfectly perfect for you!! Gorgeous!! I love, love, love it! A gift from Mom I believe! How fun!!!