Wednesday, November 30, 2011

And I walk....

Its 4:30.
Can't sleep.
It's been my only complaint of late, I think it is because I slept
for 3 months and now my body just wants to go and do and walk,
and plan and be busy.  Thats a good thing.  A very good thing.
But I don't want to forget to be still.

I am sitting with grandma's afagan on my knees, and mother's
quilt around my shoulders, by the fire with a warm cup of
lemon chamomile.  Shucks I love my herbal tea's.
Maybe I should move to England.

With all of my discovering of late, I have discovered that I
Love walking.  I have always wanted the claim to fame of running.
But I'm getting real honest with myself lately and running is just
to harsh for this body of mine.

But...I love to walk and walk and walk.  I love to walk alone.
I love to walk with my kids, I love to walk with my best friend.
So here are some walks I have walked lately.
And I must add plaid rain boots make the best walkers:)

I can't lay claim to this last walk.  Though I plan to in the Spring.
Glenn, Greg, and Garrett skied from the Alpine loop all the way to Sundance,
where I picked them up.
The plan was for me to pick them up early, so I could walk a bit in the woods,
but they were too fast for me.
Guess that is a good thing, because Glenn saw cougar tracks,
Wouldn't that be funny?  To go through all I have been through...
just to be eaten alive by a cougar?
Okay. Sick joke.  Time to go back to bed.
I love Garrett's smile.


  1. a cougar!! you made me laugh!
    i think walking is awesome! i see people walking their dogs texting and playing on their phones and i want to say look up! see whats around you, listen to nature! there is something special about walking and by your pictures you are walking in beautiful places with every season! it soothes the soul! and i love your boots! a walk on the beach would do you wonders:) love you!

  2. Aunty Holly, that last paragraph made me laugh so hard, that is why I love you! I also LOVE the pictures! Good for you to just walk and walk and walk, and the plaid rain boots do make the walking looking very fun. Love this post!!

    P.S. If you move to England, I am coming with you in your suitcase.

  3. Great pictures, Holly! I love walking, too. I discovered it after getting a dog. It made me get outside twice a day, and I didn't realize that I had missed it! Love the pictures of you and Garrett the best! Have a great day!

  4. You are incredible Holly! I have been reading your posts and you inspire me. I would love to go walking with you sometime!!! Love ya!

  5. Walking is wonderful! I love the process of breathing in the fresh air, clearing thoughts, and moving my bod.

    I'm so happy to see you looking so happy!