Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Red hats and flat tires~

I just got on my knees to thank good Lord
for giving me yet another....
perfect. perfect day.
Then I couldn't resist thanking him out loud.

Today nana called me to pick her up after school,
because she had a flat tire.
I couldn't resist putting on my red hat,
and walking the bike home myself!

Last week, I had moments
when I couldn't muster the desire to walk to
my table for a cup of herbal tea
with my family.

This medication has saved me.
But I know better than that.
My dear Father in Heaven knew I 
needed a breather.
And he gave me some breath.
I don't know or care how long it lasts,
because I am committing myself to the moment.
It is either that or commit myself to a straight
jacket with zombie juice in my veins.

I know Garrett was inspired to send me
to Sundance.  To give to me so freely
the time I needed to heal...
away from my sick room,
away from the eyes that were so hurting for me.

Shellie came this week.
She came to to watch my kids and do my wash...
and give Kathy a break.
She was absolutely shocked to see me...
be me again!
Instead of putting her to work,
I took her and dad to Sundance for lunch.
I wanted to give them a piece of the heaven
I was healed in....
Then we did a bit of shopping today.
thus the silly red hat.
I so love that I have the energy to put on a hat!
I look stoned as a beetle here....
but I was simply snorting life.
Beautiful, beautiful life.
I bought Henry a silly hat too,
and some froggy rain boots so he
can join me on all of the winter walks 
I plan to take.

Then I came home and had one of the first meals
with my family....actually sitting at the dinner table
with them, instead of laying in bed and hearing
their echos.
I have found that I can take about three bites
of each item, if I take my medication
and chew it really really well...
I don't think I have ever chewed my food properly.
It is lovely.
You should try it.

 I am thankful to the dear sister who brought this meal.
And as for you Ruth....
My dear friend, I think I am able to cook for my family again.
And I thank all of you....
and especially my Father in Heaven.
Now Back to my prayer~


  1. Love Love Love LOVE this one! And I LOVE the red hat, it's bold color and brilliance match your spirit! I'm so happy that things are going well! Yay! I love the "living in the moment" shpeal, because we all need to. I know I definitely need to! Oh and I laughed so hard when you said you looked stoned as a beetle, haha, I just love you.

  2. i LOVE IT! today my heart is really happy! it's been a good day and i am so happy you are better! i am grateful to Heavenly Father for giving you a break from your exhaustion. i am happy you are eating, get some good fats in there!! wish i could make you an acai bowl!
    i am so jealous nikki is coming again, i will send my love with her to you!