Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bad days and Butterflys

I flipped on the computer this morning
to find the results of my not so happy post yesterday.
I was overwhelmed with woman power.
And I will always love you for your
woman power
because it renewed my commitment to
I never want to loose my faith
but somedays I do
and lucky for me
I have you.

This butterfly picture 
flicked on my computer 
from out of nowhere yesterday

It was taken the spring
after my mother died.
I was wearing my mothers ring,
when savannah came and placed
this butterfly on my hand.

I dreamt of a butterfly flying free
the night my mom died
and so did Savannah.
Two months later
Garrett and I were hiking the Napali Coast.
it is second only to heaven itself,
with miles of sea cliffs
falling into the ocean
like green waterfalls.
I hadn't told Garrett my butterfly dream.
But as we sat on the cliff to eat lunch,
I did.
Soon his hands and eyes were all over the place
I was annoyed
He isn't listening
Then I put my chin up and saw 
wild flutters around me,
more monarch butterflies than I could count on one hand.
Garrett was crying.
Garrett doesn't cry.
But he knew what I knew.
Mom was saying "hello
I'm healthy and I'm hear for you"
"remember the butterfly"
So yesterday I knew this picture didn't flick on by itself.
I think God opened the door
for a brief second
just like before
to let mother remind  me
once again
of the miricle of the
Now it is time for me to break through this cacoon
and start flying again.


  1. I am so thankful for moments when the veil parts, and we realize how close we are to heaven and to those we love. She is always watching over you Holly and is aware of all you have to bear. I love you more than words can express. I wrote to you on BPS. Go check it and move forward knowing we are always here.

  2. what a beautiful reminder that she is there and loves you!

    once again i'm tearing up reading this. you're such a beautiful writer.

    and i WISH we could hang out in real life!

  3. i told you she was there she knew you just needed to be reminded! she is watching out for you! you are a butterfly, free spirited and beautiful! see you tommorow on bps!

  4. I love you and I loved this post. God truly does work in mysterious ways through our loved ones to remind us of the good things we have here and the beauty in all of it.

  5. What a beautiful, beautiful experience! So glad you were able to recognize it for what it was - that is a gift as well.