Friday, April 9, 2010


Joy came in a tiny bundle to my sister in law
a few days ago. A brand new baby boy
fresh from Heaven. I am sure he will have a 
beautiful life, because he comes from a
beautiful mother, and not just on the inside
So today I spent time with my nieces.

We went to the park~

We made funny faces~

We ate the lunches that Savannah packed 
for us~
River climbed a tree, to contemplate life,
and then he almost broke his arm.  

Then we made many more funny faces.

I wish I still had the courage
to climb a tree.

But the tree would break me,
or I would break the tree.
So I laid on the grass~
And put my feet up.

Then I played on the swing set.
I think I made funny faces, 
because Savannah wanted to take my
I wanted to take my picture,
because these are the days,
I never want to forget~

I wouldn't trade my children
for all the gold and glitter
in the world...not even for all
of Magleby's famous choclate cake.

We went to the ranch this week, and made
many silly faces there. 
I will write about that tomorrow.
Laundry pending.
(p.s)  Go swing on a play set...
(Reach for a natural High:)


  1. someday i will follow you to that ranch!~ and make silly faces!

  2. Love this! Silly faces are the best!